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Can You Help?

Local passion, ingenuity and boundless community support during World War Two saw the Hobart Optical Munitions Annexe achieve international success. In 2018 the Annexe celebrates 75 years.  Can you help with :

OBJECTS:  Identify or Describe - Please contact us if you can add further details about any object or identify someone in any of the collection’s photographs. Donate or Lend - There are some Waterworth products (either manufactured at the Optical Annexe during the war or at the postwar Waterworth Annexe) that are missing from the collection. We welcome donations and/or the opportunity to photograph such objects.

PEOPLE:  Annexe Staff - We are very keen to find out more about any physics students, researchers and employees who worked in the Optical Annexe or later in the Waterworth Annexe.  If you have any photographs to donate or lend, or recollections about this part of Hobart’s industrial and social history, we'd like to hear from you. Contact Here