EN Waterworth brochure for a range of instruments and machines


EN Waterworth brochure for a range of instruments and machines


Double-sided foldout brochure on heavy card. Front of brochures showcases the Domain Annexe building, part of the University of Tasmania, and built in 1942 as part of the country's war effort to design and build reconnaissance cameras, lenses and prisms for the allied forces. Front of brochure is in black and red font and the bottom half has a yellow background to highlight the building. Back of brochure shows a view of Hobart towards the mountain with a yellow oval shaped frame surrounding the image of the city. Inside background is in bright red with directional arrows towards the content leaflets (missing) that tuck under a fold flap on the right which also provides a history of the Annexe and its strong relationship with the university. The brochures states that the company sells projectors, micro readers, photo interpreter stereoscopes, optical equipment for educational purposes, optical instruments and a range of lenses


EN Waterworth


From the Eric Waterworth Collection. The University of Tasmania does not hold copyright on all site materials. Contact us for further dealings







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23 cm x 16 cm


EN Waterworth, “EN Waterworth brochure for a range of instruments and machines,” Waterworth Optical Collection, accessed November 13, 2018, https://waterworth.omeka.net/items/show/106.

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