Front of the Optical Munitions Annexe 9/101


Front of the Optical Munitions Annexe 9/101


Photograph shows the second storey of The Annexe which was added in 1943. The original working plans show the layout planned for the extra floor. The fir tree in the background is still there today. It sits between the Annexe building entrance and the Brooker Highway (formerly known as Park Street). The curved deco entry balcony has been removed however the two entry doors on both floors are still there within the new University glassed entrance foyer that connects the original Engineering Building (where McAulay and Cruickshank taught) and the Annexe where Waterworth and his staff worked during the active war years


c. 1944


“Front of the Optical Munitions Annexe 9/101,” Waterworth Optical Collection, accessed October 19, 2019,

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