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Do you know someone who worked at Hobart's Optical Munitions Annexe 9/101 during World War II, or the later Waterworth Annexe ?

If so, we'd like to hear from you as we hope to build an Annexe employees database. At its height during 1943 more than 210 employees, mainly women, worked shifts around the clock at The Annexe. We have uncovered the names of some employees but would like to discover more staff and also learn more about the employees we have found. Can you help ? The Annexe Staff List so far : 
McAulay, Prof (Alexander) Leicester
Cruickshank, Dr Fletcher D
Waterworth, Eric Newham
Waterworth, Philip
Fenton, A Geoff
Fitze, Victor
Hills, Gavin
Lewis, Harry C
Robinson, Wilf T

WOMEN employed at THE ANNEXE
Agnew, Miss June
Brooks, Mrs/Miss? J
Chalmers, Mrs?Miss? P
Collier, Miss Diane
Cotton, Miss Mary
Cuthbertson, Miss/Mrs? Beryl Rose
Driscoll, Miss Margaret
Green, Mrs? Patricia Dulcie (nee?)
Griggs, Miss/Mrs ? Pearl M
Harris, Mrs Jean (b. 1919
Harris, Miss Joan (b. 1922)
Kirwan, Miss
Lay, Mrs/Miss? J
McIntyre?, Miss Valerie (Mrs Val Pearce)
Mosey, Miss/Mrs? Elena Hirondelle
Richards, Miss/Mrs? Betty
Robertson, Mrs/Miss? E
Shepherd, Miss (worked in the Grinding Section)
Simmons, Mrs/Miss? S
Warren, Miss/Mrs? Lorna E
Waterworth, Mrs Margaret (Peggy)

MEN employed at THE ANNEXE
Buchdahl, Hans A
Bessell, Ernest  
Cadle, Y
Crosby, William Charles 
Dunn, LB
Eaton, Roy
Longman, Ian
McGuiness, Myles 
Perkins, Bill
Plomley, Brian
Pollard, Brian

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Here are photos of some Annexe staff: