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Honours Projects (History and Visual Arts)

HISTORY: Honours 

An Honours Scholarship will be awarded in 2019 for a project that works on the Collection. Topics may include:

  1. The Role of Women in the Annexe during the war [and perhaps up to 1960]
  2. Eric Waterworth as Inventor in the Annexe [and more broadly]
  3. History of technology during the war and post-war [end date negotiable]
  4. The use of technology in schools in Tasmania

Please refer enquiries to Professor Stefan Petrow - Academic Lead, History, Humanities


VISUAL ARTS: SOCA [Hunter St] Honours 

  1. Curating the Archive:  To curate an exhibition of objects, artefacts and other materials from, or in response to, the historical and cultural significances of the Waterworth Optical Archive.  Particular themes may include: women’s labour and the contribution of Tasmania to the optical industry in WWII, technological innovation in Tasmania, the role of prisms and lenses in wartime.
  2. Re-imagining the Archive: To develop a body of creative work that interprets and responds to objects and materials from the Waterworth Optical Archive. Responses can be explored through sculpture, printmaking, e-media, drawing, photography or 3D design.
  3. Narrating the Archive: To develop a narrative response to the Waterworth Optical Collection using time-based, interactive or visual communication strategies that combine story-telling and visual imagery. Creative outcomes may include graphic novels, zines, books, film, digital media (apps and websites) and installations.

Students from all faculties working with the Waterworth Optical Collection will be encouraged to share research approaches and progress to enrich the development of their individual projects.  This will be facilitated through a series of cross-faculty meetings.

Please refer enquiries to Dr Brigita Ozolins - Senior Lecturer, Academic Lead, Visual Arts, SOCA or to Dr Svenja Kratz - Lecturer, Interdisciplinary Creative Practice, SOCA